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At Delta Ice, we’re proud to say we’re “tasteless”!

With over 90 years in the business, you know we know ice best!

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At Delta Ice, we can provide absolutely any amount of ice for any function that you require. Whether it is a smaller function...

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Have you ever been to a party or function where the ice bags have turned into packets of water? Often, the after-effects are...

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Whether you are an individual needing ice in bulk for a big family gathering, an event planner needing tons of ice for a corporate event...

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Ice Cold!

It may sound strange, but at Delta Ice in West Memphis, we are massively proud of the fact that “we have no taste”! This slogan has formed the base on which our products are manufactured! Of course, when we say that we have no taste, we are referring to our ice!

Have you ever sucked on a block of ice from your drink and realized it had a strange taste? Or even worse, have you ever tasted the ice within your drink?! Ice that is not prepared, stored, and served in the correct way can have contaminants in it that causes it to not only taste strange but to also be unhealthy. This is why the ice that you make and store in your home freezer often tastes and smells weird. It takes on the odors from the surrounding frozen foods. Gross!

At Delta Ice, our ice is produced according to the strictest sanitary procedures. It has to be, because we are licensed by the State Health Department and therefore subject to inspection by them at any time. To ensure that our water sources meet the highest standard, we send monthly samples of it to laboratories to be tested for contaminants.

During the Delta Ice manufacture process, the fresh water runs over stainless steel refrigerated plates to ensure that impurities are removed and the ice remains crystal clean and clear.

With Delta Ice, you no longer have to rely on unsanitary bulk ice at the last minute for your parties, functions, and events. Keep yourself and your guests healthy and happy with our assistance. For more information on special events, on-site storage, and special delivery ice services, call us at (870) 735-1352.