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With over 90 years in the business, you know we know ice best!

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About Us | Delta Ice - Memphis, AR

Delta Ice is a family-run business that has been operating successfully for about 93 years. That is nearly a century of the highest quality service! We are based in West Memphis, Arkansas, but we serve all of Memphis, Tennessee. Over this long period, we're proud of the fact that we have served numerous repeat customers and still gain new clients almost every day.

We offer our services to absolutely anyone seeking quality ice. Our client list is made up of individuals planning camping trips or parties, event and function companies, small chain stores, and even large regional stores. Whoever you are and wherever you get our ice, you can be sure that it will be of the highest quality every time!

But our aim is to not only supply an excellent product. Being family owned and operated, we know the value of fair pricing. We want our customers to be astounded by the value-for-money that they receive.

Our ice-manufacturing process is second to none because we take great care to use only the best quality water, as well as to store, freeze, and bag the ice in the most hygienic way possible. We understand that ice is like food: It should be as natural and healthy as possible!

To back up our claims, you should know that we are licensed by the State Health Department and therefore are subject to random checks. But really, the proof is in the tasteā€”or rather, the absence of taste in our case!