On Site Storage

With over 90 years in the business, you know we know ice best!

We Offer Frosty On Site Storage

On Site Storage | Delta Ice - Memphis, AR

Have you ever been to a party or function where the ice bags have turned into packets of water? Often, the after-effects are warm drinks throughout the day! Or even worse, have you been the host in this situation? No doubt, whatever side of the story you were on, it was a frustrating and rather cringe-worthy predicament.

It may seem quite the dilemma: You absolutely must have mountains of ice bags, but how many coolers can you possibly find to stuff them in after your freezer is near eruption?

Never fear! Delta Ice is near! At Delta Ice, we have numerous on-site storage solutions to ensure that your ice stays as frosty as it possibly can. Some of these include smaller units that make use of standard household electricity.

However, those are only the beginning of your options. Our on-site ice storage solutions also include capacities for up to 41,000 pounds of ice, including a 48–foot, self-contained unit, and everything in between.

Our professional staff arrives on the scene and has all the tools and know-how on hand to get your on-site storage up and running with no inconvenience to you. We aim to erect the storage unit in a location that is safe and away from the festivities but also nearby and convenient enough to access regularly. Our staff will always talk to you and get a good understanding of what you want.