Special Events

With over 90 years in the business, you know we know ice best!

We Bring Ice To Your Special Events

Special Events | Delta Ice - Memphis, AR

At Delta Ice, we can provide absolutely any amount of ice for any function that you require. Whether it is a smaller function, such as a birthday party, or a larger, more glamorous function, such as a wedding, we can assist you!

In fact, we work with many event and function companies to supply healthy and “tasteless” ice to events of all kinds. If you are working with an event planner, make it a point to ask where they are getting their ice. If it is not from a reputable and health-conscious company, be sure to ask for Delta Ice!

There are few things more embarrassing at a large function than people setting their drinks aside because of the odd taste of the ice. What’s more, they may not know that the ice is the problem, and so they might think that you are serving them bad-quality drinks.

Let Delta Ice take care of things for you. We can deliver the required quantity of ice to your door and assist you in transporting and storing it correctly. If you need extra on-site storage, we do that too! We don’t want all of your ice melting away on a hot day!

For smaller events, you are more than welcome to contact us too or even head to a chain store near you that just might stock our ice! Whatever your ice needs, simply get in touch with us and we’ll make a plan.